Trailer Roundup: The Rock Is a 'Snitch'; the Tiny World of 'Epic;' the 'Love Actually' Producers 'Give It a Year'

Trailer Roundup: The Rock Is a 'Snitch'; the Tiny World of 'Epic;' the 'Love Actually' Producers 'Give It a Year'

Nov 21, 2012

These days Dwayne Johnson is best known for his huge, larger-than-life action movies, but every now and then he makes a smaller movie. Snitch is one of those movies. Sure, it's got guns and car crashes in it, but this isn't a Fast and Furious-level movie. This is more in line with Faster, only this time the Rock isn't playing a cold-blooded killer, he's a family man who enters into an arrangement with the state's attorney to go undercover and infiltrate a drug cartel if it means his son will be released from jail sooner.

The trailer says it's based on a true story, but who knows how accurate that actually is. Whatever the case, we're certainly big enough fans of Johnson's that we'll gladly watch him go gritty in these smaller kind of films any time he wants to.

On the happier, more family-friendly side of things, we've got a second trailer for 20th Century Fox's animated film Epic, from the director of Ice Age and Robots. The first trailer kept things somewhat vague while teasing a Ferngully-esque story of a human being shrunken down into the magic, tiny world of the forest around them. This new trailer, however, offers up a bit more insight into why these tiny forest people are at war and who exactly the little girl that joins them is.

The animation style is a bit more generic than some other studios are offering these days, but the story does look pretty entertaining. Maybe we're just suckers for tiny wars with slugs and fairy people.

And on the not so happy, not so family-friendly side of things, we have the trailer for I Give It a Year, a new romantic comedy from the producers of Love Actually and... Borat? As far as this writer is concerned, any romantic comedy that has Stephen Merchant in it is already a must-see. He's an underused comedian in American films, so it's great to see him getting some more screen time across the pond.

The rest of the movie doesn't look to bad, either, of course. Rose Byrne proved in Bridesmaids that she's got plenty of comedy chops. And then there's Anna Faris, always a reliable comedienne, though curiously she doesn't say a single word in this trailer despite popping up throughout it.

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