Small-Screen Buzz: Live-Action 'King Kong,' Animated 'Carmen Sandiego' on Their Way

Small-Screen Buzz: Live-Action 'King Kong,' Animated 'Carmen Sandiego' on Their Way

Apr 19, 2017

Kong: Skull Island

When Kong: Skull Island (above) opened last month, moviegoers in the U.S. were sufficiently enthusiastic to generate more than $160 million in box office receipts. Overseas, however, audiences were even more eager to devour the latest exploits of the giant ape and the movie earned more than $390 million for a total of more than $552 million

Those numbers suggest strongly that people are still happy to watch giant beasts wreak havoc, so it seems natural that a small-screen version is on its way. King Kong Skull Island, a live-action series, is now in development by MarVista Entertainment and IM Global Television, according to Deadline.

This will be the first live-action appearance by King Kong on television, though he was the lead character in three previous animated shows: The King Kong Show (1965), Kong: The Animated Series (2000) and last year's Kong: King of the Apes, which was aimed at children.

Despite its title, the new show is not directly related to the most recent movie version. Instead, it's described as "a serialized, contemporary continuation of the classic with a female-led, multicultural ensemble that delves into the wonders and horrors of Skull Island and its origins." Jonathan Penner and Stacy Title (The Bye Bye Man) have written an unspecified number of episodes and will serve as executive producers. We'll have to wait to find out if the show will appear first on a broadcast or cable channel, or on a streaming service.

Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego?

Another familiar title is also making its way to the small screen. First released in 1985, educational geography game Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? allowed players to track down villainous thieves around the world. The game became immensely popular, selling millions of copies worldwide and spawning a variety of game spinoffs, books, comics and television shows, including Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? (above)..

In the late 1990s, Disney endeavored to make a live-action movie version starring Sandra Bullock, but that never materialized. Walden Media acquired screen rights to the property in 2011 with the same idea; Jennifer Lopez was involved as a producer at the time, but that too never made it to the big screen.

Deepwater Horizon

An animated series is now on its way from Netflix, according to The Tracking Board. Gina Rodriguez is attached to voice the lead character. Reportedly, Netflix has ordered 20 episodes of the show, "which aims to be as educational as it is entertaining."

Rodriguez broke out big on TV's Jane the Virgin; last year she played a key role in Deepwater Horizon (above) opposite Mark Wahlberg. According to Variety, the series will premiere in 2019.

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