Sylvester Stallone Teases at Least Two More 'Expendables' Movies

Sylvester Stallone Teases at Least Two More 'Expendables' Movies

Aug 04, 2014

Expendables LogoSylvester Stallone and the rest of The Expendables 3 cast held a huge promotional press conference this morning for the upcoming film. During the course of the chat, we learned not only about the upcoming action film, but also its all-female spin-off and more.

Stallone took to the stage and revealed just how grueling this third shoot was, but also indicated that he’s got more in the tank as far as the franchise is concerned. The actor says he could see at least two more films in the franchise – but that everything really hinges on how well The Expendables 3 does at the box office.

From there, discussion shifted to Mel Gibson’s involvement with the project. Gibson was originally rumored to be Stallone’s choice to direct the third entry, and Stallone confirmed that again today. Gibson passed on directing, but said he’d love to be the film’s villain. “Sold!” was Stallone’s response to that request.

Meanwhile, producer Avi Lerner offered an update on the all-female spin-off, The Expendabelles. According to Lerner, the film is still in the script stages, and should begin shooting sometime next year.

You’ll find more details about all things Expendables over at JoBlo. Stallone and his menagerie of action-film veterans will return to the screen for a third tour of duty on August 15. 




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