Bizarre 'Sleeping Beauty' Exhibit Offers Marriage to Man or Woman Who Awakens the Beauty

Bizarre 'Sleeping Beauty' Exhibit Offers Marriage to Man or Woman Who Awakens the Beauty

Aug 27, 2012

We've seen some really weird art exhibitions over the years, but this latest one out of the Ukraine is definitely one of the most bizarre. Housed at the National Art Museum of Ukraine, artist Tars Polataiko designed a Sleeping Beauty installation that takes the "sleeping woman" concept to another level by making both men and women who visit the installation sign contracts promising to marry the Russian model sleeping in her bed should a kiss on the lips awaken the beauty from her pretend slumber.

So, yes, you sign a contract, enter a room featuring a beautiful sleeping model, and proceed to kiss her on the lips. In the video below, the model actually goes along with it, saying that if she feels a spiritual connection, she'll open her eyes and marry the person. It's bizarre, yet fascinating, and not surprisingly the men we see featured in this video look to be of the creepier variety. 

Unfortunately no Prince Charmings have been discovered yet. Maybe they're all busy filming Disney's Maleficent with Angelina Jolie, who we won't see partaking in this sort of art exhibition anytime soon. Bummer.

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