A 'Sleepaway Camp' Remake Promises to Shock a Whole New Generation

A 'Sleepaway Camp' Remake Promises to Shock a Whole New Generation

Nov 04, 2013

Sleepaway Camp Angela

If you needed more proof that there’s not a single horror film Hollywood won’t consider rebooting, last week’s news that producer Jeff Katz is working on a relaunch of cult ‘80s favorite Sleepaway Camp could be the final bit of evidence needed to convince you that literally everything is on the table when it comes to remakes.

Katz has acquired the rights to remake the first adventure of Angela (Felissa Rose), and his intentions are to “echo its legacy and the psychosexual elements that made the first pic such a memorable cult favorite.” As our friends at Film School Rejects point out, this almost assuredly means we’ll be seeing the same film, only with different fashions and lots of cell phones added to the mix.

The biggest question revolves around how Katz and his crew will handle the remake’s ending. The final shot of the original Sleepaway Camp is iconic in horror circles – one of the genre’s greatest final twists. The thing is, it’s a pretty well-known twist at this point – so will the new film try to out-twist the original or will it stick with the events we all know and love? I hope for the former – but since most millenials probably couldn’t be bothered to see the original in the first place (because it’s totally ancient in their minds), the new writers can probably stick with what worked the first time and most of the youngsters in the audience won’t even know it’s already been done before.

The potential good news here is that writer-director Robert Hiltzick, actress Felissa Rose and producer Michelle Tatosian are all on board as producers alongside Katz. All of these ties back to the original film should ensure that a remake of Sleepaway Camp stays true to its roots while attempting to bring the horrors of summer camp to an entirely new generation. 

Are you interested in seeing an updated Sleepaway Camp at your local multiplex? Leave us comments below.




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