Nerd Watch: 'Star Wars' Kinect's Slave Leia Bikini Dance-Off

Nerd Watch: 'Star Wars' Kinect's Slave Leia Bikini Dance-Off

Feb 27, 2012

If you're one of those people who love Star Wars unconditionally, but also love reenacting those video game dance-off competition commercials (you know, the ones with all the people who dance SO much better than anyone you've ever met), then it would appear Star Wars Kinect will be something you'll want to own. Based on this video, which demonstrates various aspects of the game, you'll notice how the obligatory "dancing" (?) portion includes a part where you, as Slave Leia, must perform a special dance inside Jabba's Palace. Perhaps it's not as authentic as you professional dance-off gamers were looking for, but at least it's not a Jabba lap dance. Yeah, we wouldn't want to (ahem) stick around to see how that one ends.

Skip to 4:30 to see the Slave Leia dancing in action. Star Wars Kinect hits stores on April 3.

[via io9]

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