'Skyliners' Trailer, a New Generation of Men on Wires

'Skyliners' Trailer, a New Generation of Men on Wires

Aug 22, 2011


The French sure do love to string a wire between two buildings and climb carelessly across it.  That may sound like oddly specific stereotyping, but considering there are now two documentaries about slacklining and both focus on French men and their gravity-hating obsession, I don't feel too bad about it.

Below is the trailer for Skyliners, a documentary from filmmaker Sebastien Montaz-Rosset that will be available for free on the web sometime this Fall.  The trailer mainly consists of footage of several slackliners (as they're called) walking the distance between the tops of The Mercuriales Towers in Paris on nothing but a metal cable, but the film proper will focus on more than just urban skylines.  We'll keep an eye out for when the full film hits online, but until then, enjoy some crazy people walking across the sky set to some remixed Daft Punk.

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