'Skyfall' Trailer: James Bond and Javier Bardem Are Creepy, Sexy, Violent and Explosive

'Skyfall' Trailer: James Bond and Javier Bardem Are Creepy, Sexy, Violent and Explosive

Jul 31, 2012


Moviefone has debuted the official Skyfall trailer, not only revealing more of Sam Mendes' carefully guarded plot details, but also new Bond villain Javier Bardem — who looks quite creepy with blond hair and sports a chilling demeanor. The clip is action-packed, giving us a preview of several incredibly orchestrated stunts, including a massive claw digger tearing a speeding train in half. Our secret agent makes a flying leap from the construction equipment into the train, with enough time to adjust his cufflinks.
After Skyfall's trailer was previewed at Comic-Con a few weeks ago, we found out more about M's (Judi Dench) lethal mistake. She lost a drive containing the names of every undercover agent working in terrorist organizations across the globe. This would explain why M has Bond shot, writes a phony obituary, and then resurrects 007 for a new mission — but not before she is chastised by boss Gareth Mallory (played by a pissed-off Ralph Fiennes), who we also meet in the trailer.
It's also great to see Bright Star and Perfume: The Story of a Murderer actor Ben Whishaw in action as Q. He arms Bond with a badass gun that has been coded to 007's palm print so only he can fire it. It's a subtle way to reintroduce the gadgets that have been missing from Daniel Craig's turn as the British intelligence officer.
An alternately edited international trailer, with what appears to be minimal additional action shots, provides another perspective on the thrilling story. We've included both clips for you below.
Skyfall makes its London premiere on October 26 and opens in the U.S. on November 9.  


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