Early Word: 'Skyfall' Features the Most Complete Version of James Bond (Podcast)

Early Word: 'Skyfall' Features the Most Complete Version of James Bond (Podcast)

Oct 16, 2012

The press junket for Skyfall took place in New York over the weekend, and evidently the studio feels strong enough about the movie to let the press out of the bag. Skyfall doesn't officially hit theaters in the U.K. until October 26 (and the U.S. on November 9), but you can now find plenty of reviews and reactions online, some featuring more spoilers than others. So how good is it?

Apparently pretty damn good. I haven't seen the film yet, but my buddy Sean O'Connell (Movies.com, Fandango) has and he loved it. I asked Sean to record a spolier-free podcast with me where I put myself in your position by asking Sean questions from the perspective of someone who hasn't watched the movie yet. We made sure to steer clear of spoilers and all that messy stuff, so feel free to give it a listen below for a better understanding of what to expect from the next James Bond movie.

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