James Bond Is Everywhere: Our 'Skyfall' Countdown Gathers the Latest in 007 News

James Bond Is Everywhere: Our 'Skyfall' Countdown Gathers the Latest in 007 News

Oct 24, 2012

The Skyfall premiere was held at London's Royal Albert Hall last night. You can see pictures and video from the red carpet event, where honored guests included His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall, at The Guardian, BBC (where star Daniel Craig said "the presence of members of the Royal Family was 'the cherry on the cake'"), and Digital Spy. The charity event benefits organizations that aid current and former members of British intelligence agencies.

An early review from the Daily Mail described Skyfall as "classic 007 fare," that's a "fantastic combination of 007 meets Bourne meets Spooks meets Home Alone." Whoa. What? Skyfall opens in U.K. theaters this Friday. Because you need to remind yourself for the bazillionth time today that the film is opening in the U.S. on November 9, however, watch the newest trailer:

Like the other teasers, the clip is full of non-stop action and features a recut of various character scenes — including Javier Bardem's wicked Silva who is gloriously flamboyant and locked up Hannibal the Cannibal-style.

— Life is tough. We're all having aneurysm waiting to find out what Javier Bardem's freaky Bond villain Raoul Silva will be like on the big screen. The actor recently got chatty about his sinister and strangely blond baddie during an interview, describing the role as "a great gift of finding myself in a very, very creative process." James Bond himself, actor Daniel Craig, had nothing but great things to say about Bardem. "I'm in awe of the guy. He's a passionate kind of creature where everything he does on-screen is mesmerizing and electrifying. He put in levels of interest, made it real, but didn't forget he was playing a Bond villain — which is a clever actor knowing full well he's got to play it straight, kind of, and then remember what he's doing." Read the rest of the interview with Skyfall's cast and director Sam Mendes over here

— 007 Legends has launched and is now available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Nintendo Wii U. The overarching story spans six Bond films and brings together all of the secret agent's biggest nemeses — including Jaws, Auric Goldfinger and the always-entertaining Oddjob. Check out the clip to get a feel for the game, and chime in below if you've already had a chance to play it. We need details.

— Possibly putting the cart before the horse, Skyfall director Sam Mendes revealed that he "won't rule out directing another James Bond," stating that "the choice is in the audience's hands." Speaking to Time Out, Mendes said he would make it as "special" as the current installment in the long-running series. "If people love the movie and they want to see another one from the same people who brought you Skyfall, then that would mean a lot to me." Read the full interview, in which Mendes describes his relationship with star Daniel Craig as "pretty feisty," on Time Out.

— In case you've been wondering if Bond will see a 3D treatment in the near future, Skyfall producer Barbara Broccoli told Screen Rant that audiences should hang on to their 3D glasses for another day. "I think more in horror and science fiction, stuff like that. I think they're more suited to 3D than these, really. We're in IMAX, which we're very excited about, and I think that experience will be great. Not quite ready for 3D yet," she told the website. We can all breathe easy now.

— Imagine being a trumpet player, performing the score for all 23 Bond films, including the upcoming Skyfall. Musician Derek Watkins is that man, and a recent Skyfall videoblog takes us behind the scenes as the score for the Sam Mendes-directed film is being recorded with new composer Thomas Newman (who replaces David Arnold from the last five movies). Watkins started performing the "classic Bond licks" when he was only 17 years old, having contributed to the very first movie, Dr. No. Just hearing that iconic music in the above clip gave us chills. 

— Head on over to Fandango, where I explored the best Bond gadgets in 007 history. We want all of them, please.

— Author of the Young Bond book series and comedian Charlie Higson will be dazzling us with his Twitter repartee when he transforms 12 of Ian Fleming's original Bond novels into 140-character capsules, humorously summarizing the stories and films in the 007 canon. Keep it locked to Higson's Twitter page to see what shenanigans the writer gets up to. His review of Craig's Quantum of Solace? "There’s a car chase, I think, a villain, I think, something about an opera & water supply. Posh hotel in desert blows up. Bring on Skyfall" [via NYDailyNews.com]

— We liked Digital Spy's history of James Bond girls in pictures, because how can we ever grow tired of admiring the likes of Ursula Andress, Honor Blackman, Diana Rigg, Jane Seymour, Barbara Bach and Eva Green? Website Lava360 also has a stunning collection of Bond beauties. Wanna-be Bond girls can buy this collection of themed nail polishes, OPI Skyfall. The real 18k gold leaf in The Man with The Golden Gun top coat totally sold us. The line starts here, boys.

— Roger Moore, you cad. You were named the most promiscuous James Bond. How bloody charming. The English actor bedded 19 women, with Sean Connery following closely behind at 15. See the rest of the list, and wonder how the staff of extramarital dating website IllicitEncounters.com can sleep at night, over here.

— You'll be surprised to learn which 007 ranked as having the most kills, conquests and martinis. We demand a recount.

— We wondered why Casino Royale was left off this list of the best Bond parodies. The psychedelic 1967 film stars Peter Sellers, which is reason alone to see it. Former Bond girl Ursula Andress also appears in the movie — this time as a former secret agent turned millionaire with an interesting wardrobe. It's an absurd effort, but has its charms and sports a pretty great soundtrack (maybe more adored for the cover illustration).

— Set your eyes on these vintage James Bond book covers, which are to die for. Then go behind the scenes with 007.

— These paintings of real-life MI6 espionage by artist James Hart Dkye are fascinating. The series, A Year with MI6, found Dkye observing international spies during secret meetings and other surveillance projects, unable to reveal identities or locations in his works. The ambiguity lends a hazy quality to the images, which feels oh so very Bond. Although it sounds exciting, the artist painted a different picture about the experience during an interview for the Guardian. "The work real MI6 officers and agents do is nothing like as glitzy as the image," he said. "Some of it is very fast-moving and exciting, but what you don't get in fictional accounts is any sense of how much time is spent sitting around, waiting for something that might, but very often doesn't, happen." You'll also recognize Dyke's talents in the new 50th anniversary Bond poster that features all 007s together. He says painting the oft forgotten George Lazenby was the most difficult of the bunch.

— Moscow artist Arina Orlova created the Kills and Kisses series in celebration of the 50th anniversary of James Bond and gave all six incarnations of 007 a golden makeover. The flashy color is a striking symbol of the glamor and elegance that MI6 is privy to, but it's also a neat little reference to traditional Byzantine and Russian iconography, redone in a contemporary style. For the series of Bonds, the red numbers represent the women Bond has kissed, while the black figure indicates how many people our secret agent man has dispatched with. Obviously, Daniel Craig has a lot of making out to catch up on. An alternate series of Bond girls reveals how dangerous and desirable it is to be a most-wanted woman. Read more about the work on Orlova's website. The images are also available for purchase. [via Trendland]

— What's that? You need some fake Bond trivia to temper all the ZOMG SKYFALL that's happening right now? Introducing Matt Lynch's hilarious 007 trivia, which includes gems like: "Roger Moore was thawed from cryosleep a week prior to the June ‘84 start of principal photography on A VIEW TO A KILL." For some reason, we actually believe that. What more do you need, really? [via Pussy Goes Grrr]


There are two more days until the London premiere of Skyfall on October 26, 2012 — commemorating the franchise's 50th anniversary. The Sam Mendes-directed film opens in the U.S. on November 9 and finds Daniel Craig returning to the role of James Bond. The movie also stars a villainous Javier Bardem and new Bond girl Bérénice Marlohe. Catch up with previous James Bond Countdown columns over here.

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