Skip or Double Dip: Are New Blu-rays of 'Men in Black,' 'Lethal Weapon,' 'Dirty Dancing' and More Worth It?

Skip or Double Dip: Are New Blu-rays of 'Men in Black,' 'Lethal Weapon,' 'Dirty Dancing' and More Worth It?

May 31, 2012

Men in Black

Men in Black III just opened in theaters to the tune of $69 million this Memorial Day weekend, so it was inevitable that Sony would want to cash in on renewed interest in the 1997 sci-fi original starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones as two secret government agents that monitor extraterrestrial activity on earth. Men in Black made its Blu-ray debut way back in June 2008.

What's New?: This Men in Black double dip offers the same very good video and audio quality as the previous release as well as the same set of extras, most of which were just ported over from the previous DVD releases. New to this release is an Ultraviolet digital copy so you can stream the movie to compatible devices as well as up to $10 in movie cash to see Men in Black III in theaters.

Skip or Double Dip?: If you already own Men in Black on Blu-ray, you'd be better off just spending the money on a ticket for the latest sequel in theaters and maybe taking the disc to Wal-Mart and spending a few bucks for an Ultraviolet copy instead of paying for nothing else new or improved. Skip it.


Lethal Weapon Collection

This new Warner Bros. collection bundles together the Mel Gibson/Danny Glover buddy-cop action classics Lethal Weapon, Lethal Weapon 2, Lethal Weapon 3 and the even more imaginatively titled Lethal Weapon 4. Lethal Weapon and Lethal Weapon 2 were first released on Blu-ray in 2006, the very first year Blu-ray movies were commercially available. The other two sequels make their Blu-ray debut in this set.

What's New?: Even though the first two Lethal Weapons retain most of the sparse supplements of the 2006 editions, both get remastered video and audio for this collection. This collection also comes with a fifth disc of bonus material, including a featurette on the franchise's meager beginnings, a short doc on the making of the first movie, "Pulling the Trigger: Expanding the World of Lethal Weapon" and "Maximum Impact: The Legacy of Lethal Weapon."

Skip or Double Dip?:  It doesn't matter if you already own one or both of the first two Lethal Weapon movies on Blu-ray because the improved quality of those movies in this collection plus the other two sequels and a bonus disc of extras makes this set an upgrade worth making. Double dip with confidence.


Dirty Dancing Collection

Female audiences still have the time of their lives with this romantic romp starring a pre-rhinoplasty Jennifer Grey and a dearly departed Patrick Swayze as the dancer that sweeps Grey and her original nose off her feet. The movie was first released on Blu-ray in 2007 with questionable video quality, which was improved upon along with a dancehall's worth of extras in the 2010 Limited Keepsake Edition. This new collection bundles the original movie with its less popular sequel, 2004's Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights, which makes its Blu-ray debut here.

What's New?: This new collection has the same disc extras the Limited Keepsake Edition had on the first movie, but you'll lose the extra bundled swag like the hardcover book  and a $50-off coupon for the real "Kellerman's," which is the Mountain Lake Hotel in Pembroke, Virginia.

Skip or Double Dip?: The only reason to buy this set on Blu-ray if you already own Dirty Dancing on Blu-ray is if you absolutely must have Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights in high definition, because this set is the only way to get it. You'll be getting the same Dirty Dancing BD you already purchased, but the bargain individual-disc price of $10.99 on Amazon makes this collection worth the double dip if the sequel recaptured some of the magic for you.


Mimic 3-Film Set

Director Guillermo del Toro's underrated 1997 horror movie starring Mira Sorvino as a scientist dealing with an epidemic of monster-sized insects in Manhattan that she inadvertently genetically engineered years earlier lingered forever as a non-anamorphic DVD until the director's cut made its Blu-ray debut in September 2011. This set includes the director's cut as well as the sequels, Mimic 2 and Mimic 3: Sentinel.

What's New?: The director's cut of Mimic in this set is the same one that is available individually and includes the same supplements. The second disc contains the two sequels on one BD, which is currently the only way to own either of those films in high definition because they are not sold separately.

Skip or Double Dip?: If you already own Mimic and must have its two inferior direct-to-video sequels on Blu-ray, you're going to have to pay almost $22 on Amazon and get an identical copy of the first Mimic on Blu-ray as part of the deal. You'd have to be completely bug-brained for this double dip.

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