Scariest Math Class Ever? Teacher Suspended After Screening "Torture Porn" for Sixth Graders

Scariest Math Class Ever? Teacher Suspended After Screening "Torture Porn" for Sixth Graders

Jun 12, 2013

Saw Billy

This story comes straight from the “bad decision” file. Oh those crazy French people – eating snails and showing horror films to sixth graders…

According a radio report on France’s Europe 1, a math teacher in Colombes has been suspended for one day. His crime? Showing his class of sixth graders the first movie in the Saw franchise. Clearly, it’s never too early to start the kids on torture porn.

Teacher Jean Baptiste Clement reportedly told his students “this will be your first horror film” before popping in the disc and scarring half of his class for life.

Clement is lucky I wasn’t in his class, because I’d have laughed derisively when he told me Saw was going to be my first horror film. By the time I was in sixth grade, I was already well versed in genre fare – and I suspect more than a few of his students were as well.

Still, it’s easy to see the outrage. My friends and I saw those films on our own time and because we wanted to. That’s a whole different ball game than essentially being forced to watch them in your morning math class. Try as I might, I can’t even come up with a potential tie in to make Saw appropriate for a math class. Maybe a lesson on fractions using dismembered body parts? I don’t even know.

School officials say the one-day suspension is potentially just the beginning of Clement’s nightmare (in much the same way the original Saw is just the beginning of all that torture). This will allow them to investigate the exact details of what’s happened and plan additional punishment if it’s deemed necessary. I suspect it probably will be. Making poor decisions like this deserves some sort of penalty. I just hope for Clement’s sake the additional punishment isn’t “escape this horrific bear trap we’ve put on your face before it slams shut.” That might be kind of fitting, though.

And don't think it's just the French people who are doing this; last month a teacher in Atlanta was suspended for showing a class of 12 year olds R-rated movies like Ted and The Campaign.

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