Check Out the Freaky New Poster for 'Sinister' and Learn How to Get One

Check Out the Freaky New Poster for 'Sinister' and Learn How to Get One

Sep 05, 2012

Two weeks ago we shared news of how you could see Sinister, the latest film from The Exorcism of Emily Rose director Scott Derrickson, at special nationwide screenings a week before its theatrical release on October 5, 2012. The innovative screening platform is handling this novel way of doing sneak previews, and if you want to go all you need do is go to, find an event near you and buy a ticket. It's a pretty painless way to see the scariest horror movie of 2012 before everyone else.

If you'll recall from that announcement post, these screenings will not only let you see the movie early, but they'll net you a limited edition poster for the film. Today we can reveal what that poster looks like.

As you can see the above one is for the Chicago screening that is cohosting, so expect the venue to change from poster to poster. They'll all be sporting that same disturbing imagery, though, which was designed by SA Studios. As for how it fits into the movie, we won't spoil that, but we will say you will find out as soon as the movie starts playing. It's one of the most memorable opening shots of not just a horror movie, but any movie in recent memory. Things only get better (by getting a whole lot worse for star Ethan Hawke's character, of course) from there.

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