'Sinister' Director Scott Derrickson Tells Us Why He Chose Ciarán Foy to Direct 'Sinister 2'

'Sinister' Director Scott Derrickson Tells Us Why He Chose Ciarán Foy to Direct 'Sinister 2'

Apr 18, 2014

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Sinister posterIn January, Scott Derrickson, the director of The Exorcism of Emily Rose and Sinister, watched a somewhat under-the-radar horror movie from the U.K. called Citadel about a single father fighting to save his daughter from a gang of feral kids. As you can see from the above tweet, Derrickson was a bit of a fan and reached out to director Ciarán Foy on Twitter to let him know he dug his movie. Four months later and here we are with Derrickson taking to Twitter to announce that Foy will be directing Sinister 2. Sometimes the Internet sure does make the world seem small.

We've known for awhile that Derrickson would not be directing the sequel to his own hit film about a novelist who uncovers the truth behind a string of grizzly murders, and that he would produce and write alongside his Sinister cowriter C. Robert Cargill. However, it wasn't until Derrickson broke the news that we learned who would be calling the shots this time around, and if you haven't seen Citadel we can tell you Foy's a very strong match for the twisted-yet-very-human world of Sinister.

But don't just take our word for it. We reached out to Scott Derrickson to ask about why he decided on Foy to direct the film. Here's what he told us:

"I remember reading the strong reactions people had to Citadel when it played at SXSW, so in January I watched it on VOD. I was struck by Ciarán’s confidence as a genre director, and how he sustained tension but also had a distinctively European cinema style and sensibility. That’s precisely what I was looking for in a director for Sinister 2 - somebody who could sustain tension but also had a classic sense of cinema style and control. He is also clearly very good with actors - including child actors - and that was also a requirement for the director of this film. And then when I met him, I was impressed by his intelligence and his unusual blend of humility and creative confidence. We could not have gotten a better director for Sinister 2."

Producer Jason Blum has also revealed in recent interviews that Sinister 2 is on the fast track at Blumhouse, so it's likely we'll be seeing the film at some point in 2015.  As for what it's about this time around, all involved are playing those cards close to their chest, but considering what we saw in the first film, and what Foy did in his own Citadel, we're guessing creepy kids are going to play an even bigger part this time around.

If you haven't seen Citadel, we recommend you change that. Here's the trailer to whet your appetite.

And if you haven't read it, here's our big, three-part interview with Derrickson and Cargill for the first Sinister.





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