Watch Simon Pegg Do Stand-up Comedy in 1995

Watch Simon Pegg Do Stand-up Comedy in 1995

Sep 05, 2013

First we find out that Simon Pegg used to be a goth, and now we get to see him doing an early stand-up routine from 1995. What did we do to deserve such gifts? The future Star Trek and The World's End star's humor in this clip is particularly English, but even if you haven't the first clue what Marmite is, there are plenty of other gags to appreciate here. And his digs at the city of Bristol are endearing, since he studied drama at the University of Bristol. The video makes it clear that Pegg's snappy style of funny was always top notch.

For funsies, we dug up two other comedian-turned-actor (and director) clips. Here's a rare peek at Woody Allen doing stand-up in 1965. He talks about New York, women and awkward kids, natch. And, oh my, look at baby Seth Rogen doing stand-up in 1994. Where's his skateboard? These three fellas were always talented, but they've come a long way — which means there's always hope for you. Maybe.




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