Did Simon Pegg Just Announce That He's Playing Ant-Man for Marvel? (Updated)

Did Simon Pegg Just Announce That He's Playing Ant-Man for Marvel? (Updated)

Aug 15, 2013

Actors and directors are having a lot of fun these days toying with fans via Twitter and Facebook. Vin Diesel drove fans wild with speculation by dropping bits and pieces regarding a potential role in an upcoming Marvel movie on his various social media pages, eventually revealing that he's voicing Groot in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. Now, today, Simon Pegg appears to be doing the same thing, posting various pics of himself visiting Marvel, including this one in which he nonchalantly points to the character of Ant-Man, as if to confirm he's been chosen to portray the Marvel superhero in a movie due out in November of 2015. Coincidentally, that movie is also being directed by Pegg's friend and collaborator, Edgar Wright. Hmm...

So why Pegg? He's no Chris Hemsworth or Chris Evans in terms of hulking physique and good looks, but like Chris Pratt (who Marvel chose for the lead role in Guardians of the Galaxy), he's ridiculously charismatic and charming and funny, which seem to be the three biggest qualities Marvel is looking for as it advances its relationship with Disney. 

Is this confirmation? Not yet, but it's either a cruel joke or the real thing, and considering Vin Diesel's social media approach with regards to announcing his Marvel role, it seems to us that this whole thing may have been staged on purpose. 

Simon Pegg as Ant-Man? We await an official announcement, but in the meantime... do you like it? We certainly do.

UPDATE: According to people at Marvel, Pegg was visiting the New York office in order to record a podcast. This is likely a gag on his part, but we still dig the casting choice. Here's hoping this gag turns into a reality.


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