This Video Series on Adopted Pets and Their Humans Will Melt Your Heart

This Video Series on Adopted Pets and Their Humans Will Melt Your Heart

Mar 13, 2014


Ask any pet lover about their beloved beast and watch their face light up. Animals can inspire us and steal our hearts like no other. The fine folks who create the Sidekick Series have captured some of those moments in a touching, fun online documentary series featuring adopted pets and their humans (because we all know that our pets really own us, not the other way around).

The latest episode features Caldwell Tanner, the head illustrator at In the short, we meet Caldwell’s dog Harriet. The black pup’s adoption story is a charmer, especially since it features none other than Tom Hardy (lucky dog). We also get a peek at Caldwell’s drawing style.

The Web series spotlights cats, too, so fear not feline fiends. Check out the Harriet episode from the Sidekick Series, below. If these adorable, pampered pets tug at your heartstrings, be sure to support the doc makers by visiting the official website — where you can donate toward their efforts (10% of your donation even goes to animal rescue). 



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