'Sicario' Sequel Finds a Director to Replace Denis Villeneuve

'Sicario' Sequel Finds a Director to Replace Denis Villeneuve

Jun 02, 2016

The last we'd heard about a sequel to Sicario was back in April when it was confirmed that the first film's core trio of Benicio Del Toro, Emily Blunt and Josh Brolin were all set to return. It wasn't major news, though. The actors had all been tentatively associated with the project for months, that was just a simple update making things official. Today brings a bit of a major update, though.

Denis Villeneuve will not be directing the Sicario sequel, which is going by the title Soldado (Spanish for soldier). That's a bit understandable considering Villeneuve is neck deep in another sequel, Blade Runner 2. Instead Deadline reports the producers have locked on to Italian director Stefano Sollima to take over.

Sollima may not be as marquee a name as Villeneuve, but don't let that rattle your anticipation for Soldado. Sollima is no stranger to the thriller game, having directed All Cops Are Bastards and the Gomorra miniseries. He knows the genre rather well, and will surely be up to the task set forth by returning screenwriter Taylor Sheridan.

As for what that task is, there's no official synopsis yet, but Soldado is said to be a further exploration of the tunnels that feed all kinds of illicit materials, and people, from Mexico into the United States of America. It may even have a bit of a terrorism twist to it, with the tunnels being used to potentially smuggle in international conspirators. That's certainly on everyone's minds these days, so if there ever was a time to make this movie, it's now.

Soldado does not currently have a release date, but you could expect it in the fall of 2017 at the earliest.

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