Hilary Swank to Star in Sci-Fi Film Created by Carl Sagan's Son

Hilary Swank to Star in Sci-Fi Film Created by Carl Sagan's Son

Jul 22, 2011

ShrapnelThe year is 2250.  The Milky Way is under control of a unified galactic government, but the last free colony on Venus won't kneel.  And so a former Solar Alliance  Marine leads her people in a stand against the oppressive regime.  

Sounds like the plot of a comic-book or video game, right?  Well, that's because it is.  Shrapnel is a comic created by Nick Sagan (son of famed astronomer and Contact writer Carl Sagan) and M. Zachary Sherman for Radical Comics, and now Radical Picture has selected it for the big screen treatment.  They've now signed Toby Wagstaff to pen the screenplay and Hilary Swank to star as Sam, the former Marine who saves her people.  Barry Levine, Sean Daniel and Swank are onboard as producers.

Variety doesn't report what kind of a production time line Radical Pictures is planning on or who they're looking at to direct the film (though they do offer up a vague "several top directors are circling the project" comment), but presumably Shrapnel won't start kicking into high gear until they get Joseph Kosinski's Oblivion in front of cameras.  So if you're impatient and intrigued (they had me at Nick Sagan), head to Amazon and check out the source material, and if you do, do let us know if it's any good.

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