This Clip from 'Showgirls 2' Is the Funniest Thing You'll Watch All Day

This Clip from 'Showgirls 2' Is the Funniest Thing You'll Watch All Day

Sep 18, 2013


"What's your dream? Owning whores?" And thus, there was Showgirls 2: Penny’s from Heaven. Billed as a parody sequel to Paul Verhoeven's hilarious and sleazy 1995 film starring Elizabeth Berkley as a stripper turned Vegas dancer (and part-time epileptic dolphin — NSFW), part deux focuses on Rena Riffel's character from the first film, Penny (in case that glorious title didn't give it away).

She also wrote, produced and directed the movie, casting several actors from the original film in the same roles (Dewey Weber/Jeff, Greg Travis/Phil, Glenn Plummer/James). Don't expect the same Showgirls, though — as this preview on the Dissolve confirms. The film had a limited theatrical release, but it's essentially a direct-to-video affair. It does, however, feature the greatest "fall" down a staircase ever, which you can see in the below clip (NSFW, language).

Oh, and it also features this (NSFW, phallic hot dog action). Our own Alonso Duralde called the movie a "lunatic extravaganza" and "delirious fever dream," and the words Russ Meyer-esque have been tossed around. If nothing else, it will be a treat for fans of Verhoeven's film since Riffel drops copious references to the movie. Ice your nipples, practice your lap dance, and grab a bottle of Cristal before checking out Showgirls 2 on VOD or DVD. Warning: The following clip is NSFW.



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