Should We Take The People's Choice Awards Seriously?

Should We Take The People's Choice Awards Seriously?

Jan 06, 2011

Then again, should we take any awards show seriously? I spend a lot of time on Twitter (@erikdavis), and the same thing always happens: Each year, on the night of the People's Choice Awards, boatloads of people complain about how silly and ridiculous it is, and how the awards are basically determined by a handful of 13-year-old girls surfing the net while various Twilight movies play on a loop in the background.

And that may be accurate, but does it really matter? Does any of it matter? People complain about the Golden Globes because the Hollywood Foreign Press (ie: the people who vote) choose their nominations based on how popular the celebrities in the films are. And then we have the Oscars, voted on by a group of people we don't know, don't care about and will probably never meet in our lifetimes.

And yet, it's the People's Choice Awards that get the shaft. The awards voted on by our friends and neighbors and that girl you really shouldn't be staring at because she may not be 18 yet. I think we should applaud an awards show that actually lets US vote. Ya know, the people paying to see these movies.

And if you don't like who's winning and think it's a total sham, then vote for the films you want in there. Vote for the ones you think deserve a shot. Or don't watch it. Don't pay attention to it. Go look in the mirror and practice telling yourself how much smarter and more aware you are than the rest of the world. Maybe then someone will actually care about anything you have to say. In the meantime, I'll be over here voting Johnny Depp for Favorite Actor because I CAN!

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