Should Marvel Superheroes Appear in 'The Incredibles 2'?

Should Marvel Superheroes Appear in 'The Incredibles 2'?

Mar 18, 2014

Ever since Pixar and Marvel became housemates under the Disney umbrella, fans have wondered if the former could make an animated feature featuring the latter company's superhero characters. Rarely in that contemplation was there concern that the feature would be The Incredibles 2. Mainly because it didn't seem there'd ever be an Incredibles sequel. 

But now there is officially one in the works, and with that announcement has come a debate about whether or not Marvel superheroes should join in the fun with Pixar's originals. Could Mr. Incredible and family wind up fighting the Leader (he just seems like he'd fit well in a Pixar movie)? Might there be a place for Ant-Man to make a cute cameo? Or is he better suited for a potential Bug's Life follow-up?

There is very good reason why no Marvel heroes or anyone else from the comics should visit the world of The Incredibles. The main one I can think of isn't that it'd be cheesy or a nuisance or just plain unnecessary. It's that the first one was fine without them. And no Marvel characters were seen in that universe before, so we'd be left wondering where they'd been. It'd be a distraction, yes, but not just because they're Marvel characters so much as because Pixar would be changing its formula.

Were this the first Pixar superhero movie I could imagine at least cameos. It would be like The Lego Movie with its DC-superhero cameos. I've seen people mention that as a comparison for how Marvel in The Incredibles could work, but it wouldn't work because The Incredibles has a very different sort of tone and purpose than The Lego Movie.

If there had to be one very quick jokey bit involving a single Marvel cameo, though, here's who it would have to involve: Frozone running into Nick Fury... and Mace Windu. That trio of Samuel L. Jackson characters for some reason being in the same space would be the best possible nod to and knock against Disney's brandopoly. 


Should The Incredibles 2 feature Marvel characters?

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