Shocker: New Study Proves James Bond Movies Are Getting More Violent

Shocker: New Study Proves James Bond Movies Are Getting More Violent

Dec 12, 2012


Movie violence is on the rise — at least it is where the James Bond films are concerned. A study conducted by a group of pediatric researchers found that over the past five decades, the sexy and dangerous 007 series has ratcheted up the bloodshed from Dr. No's 109 violent acts, to 250 in the pre-Skyfall movie Quantum of Solace.
We've talked a lot about Bond's evolution into an outright action star, mirroring cinema audiences' interest in action spectacles, and the desired traits 007 author Ian Fleming first provided the framework for in the Bond books. In this way, the study's findings make sense. The biggest concern for researchers is that children are being exposed to Bond's skull-cracking adventures, since most Bond movies fall into the PG and PG-13 ratings categories. Compared to most action-heavy films, Bond's dalliance with danger is quite tame. You're more likely to feel squeamish about young ones being exposed to the blatant sexual tone, or misogynistic attitude that many Bond films display.
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Our own Sean O'Connell explored the best age to allow children to have a peek at the British secret agent, and determined that most experts feel the average age seems to fall between nine and 11. He also found that Goldfinger, The Spy Who Loved Me, Moonraker and Skyfall get the most thumbs up on website Movies4Kids.
So what does this study prove? Not a hell of a lot that we didn't already know. Basically, you should use discretion when allowing children to watch a 007 movie. No one understands your kids better than you do.

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