'The Shining' Is the Latest Movie to get Reborn as a Fake Video Game

'The Shining' Is the Latest Movie to get Reborn as a Fake Video Game

Oct 17, 2013

We're suckers for all things 8-bit, but when you also throw Stanley Kubrick's The Shining into the mix, it's love. CineFlix (via Neatorama) has conjured up a cool retelling of the horror tale set inside a chilly mountainside hotel using pixel-perfect characters from the film.

An arcade-style Jack, Wendy and Danny wander the Overlook, and we get to see the iconic carpet, Jack's typewriter, Room 237, the red-and-white bathroom, and the ghostly twins. It's basically the film in short form, set to Nintendo-esque music.

Watch Wendy wield a baseball bat, Danny ride his Big Wheel, and Jack interact with "an attractive, nude ghost" and "a gross, old ghost" in this 8-bit clip. For more Shining goodness, be sure to check out the strange and wonderful documentary about the conspiracy theories surrounding the film, Room 237, which is available on Netflix Watch Instantly.




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