Shia LaBeouf Takes Beating from Drunken Shirtless Dude; Also Lands Role as 20-Foot-Tall Man-Child

Shia LaBeouf Takes Beating from Drunken Shirtless Dude; Also Lands Role as 20-Foot-Tall Man-Child

Oct 18, 2011

Too bad Shia LaBeouf couldn't summon the powers of the role he just signed on for, because then he may not have been pummeled by some drunken shirtless man outside a Vancouver bar (but more on that below). Known for his various run-ins with the law and with other individuals, Shia LaBeouf once again caused a bit of a scene recently when he engaged in a bar fight with some shirtless dude outside a Vancouver bar after the two were shown the exit for causing some sort of commotion inside. TMZ naturally had a camera on the scene, and it picks up right after LaBeouf gets punched in the face (and subsequently knocked down to the ground) by some dude.

The actor immediately jumped to his feet, summoned Bumblebee and took chase, except there was no Bumblebee -- just one of LaBeouf's friends, who threw him up against a wall and started doing that aggressive man-talk thing when you try to talk some guy down from being all worked up. While we couldn't hear what he was saying, we imagine part of it included the following: "And do you really want to ruin your career outside a crappy bar in Vancouver, bro? Huh, bro? Chill out bro! Let's go spend some Transformers money on a lapdance or 30." Video of the ordeal below ...

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Meanwhile, back in good old Hollywood, Shia LaBeouf just signed on to star as a 20-foot-tall man-child in a new film from director Gil Kenan (Monster House). Titled A Giant, LaBeouf will play the odd character who lives next door to a girl who's running from her problems and looking to reconnect with her brother. Variety says LaBeouf is looking "to show off his acting chops" with this role now that he's done making Transformers movies. Yeah, I know.

But while the premise sounds strange and kind of stupid, Kenan is a talent and Monster House is a fun flick. He's definitely someone we trust with story, so really this will come down to execution. And if LaBeouf can stay out of trouble long enough to film it, we'll reserve judgment till this thing hits theaters.




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