Updated: The Full 'Sharknado' Trailer - Don't Even Pretend Like You're Better Than Watching This Movie

Updated: The Full 'Sharknado' Trailer - Don't Even Pretend Like You're Better Than Watching This Movie

Jul 10, 2013

Sharknado PosterUpdate: The full, "Too Violent for TV" version of the trailer is here, so we've added it below.

Who are you kidding? You're not better than Sharknado. No one is better than Sharknado. Not John Heard. Not Ian Ziering. Not Tara Reid. All three thespians star in the latest and greatest cinematic masterpiece to call the Syfy channel -- the last bastion of truly original programming -- home.

Okay, so obviously we're being a bit playful here. Syfy is hardly a stalwart warrior fighting for original science fiction. Good luck flipping through the network on most days and not finding a reality show about redneck ghost hunters who operate storage facilities. However, when it comes to original movies, the creatives at the network do know how to deliver the goods from time to time. And usually they do it in such a bald, shameless, we-know-you'll-watch-it kind of way that we perversely respect how transparent they've become. We tip our hat to Sharknado and its "Enough Said!" tagline -- that's truth in advertising.

We've already brought you the glorious poster for the film, and today Syfy has unleashed the first footage from it. It's only 20 seconds long, but we're pretty sure it's unlike any other 20 seconds you've ever experienced before. Okay, maybe we're getting back into hyperbole territory. At the very least, it's got one groan-inducing Jaws reference, Tara Reid running to save the day, and, well, a giant tornado made of sharks. Again, truth in advertising.

On a more serious note, as easy as it will be to make fun of Sharknado, there is the possibility this might be a decent movie. Last summer Syfy gave us Jersey Shore Shark Attack, which was actually one of the most genuinely entertaining movies the network has ever released. Seriously, give it a shot. It's a fine killer-shark movie, and a funny mocking of pop culture. Maybe Sharknado will be a worthy follow-up. Or maybe it'll be just a giant tornado of sharks. Either way, we are pretty sure we all win.



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