Hands Down, This Is the Best Movie Poster of the Year

Hands Down, This Is the Best Movie Poster of the Year

Jun 27, 2013

Yesterday my esteemed colleague Peter Hall shared a trailer for the bonkers Syfy movie Independence Daysaster, which surprisingly isn't a knockoff of Independence Day, but one that sort of mashes up War of the Worlds and Battleship. It's silly and random and the title is wonderful, but in my humble opinion it doesn't even come close to the amount of awesome packed into this movie poster for another Syfy movie, Sharknado

And yup, I'll totally throw down all my street cred (do I have street cred?) on this tremendous movie poster that teases a film about a tornado of sharks. A tornado of sharks, people! Not only does that sound like the craziest event in the history of natural disasters, but according to this poster the people who will attempt to save us from this tornado of sharks are none other than American Pie's Tara Reid, Beverly Hills 90210 alum Ian Ziering, and the dad from Home Alone,  John Heard. 

But wait! 

All of that information, complete with an image of sharks swirling inside a tornado, is amazing and you're already DVR-ing the hell out of this thing -- but what really puts the exclamation mark on this poster (literally) is its tagline: "Enough said!" 

Because why do you have to say anything else? You don't. This says it all. By the time our eyes reluctantly maneuver toward the poster's tagline, we're in total agreement with it. In fact, it was probably already on our minds. In an age full of horribly Photoshopped posters that crowd a small space with floating celebrity heads and random floating quotes like "Brilliant!" and "Mesmerizing!", this poster for Sharknado seriously rises above the rest.

Sure, Sharknado is in no way a movie for everyone, but you'd be hard-pressed to find another movie poster this year that sells its product with as much enthusiasm as this one. Sharknado arrives on the Syfy network on July 11. Be prepared.

Enough said. 

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