'Shark Night 3D' Gets Tagged with a Tame PG-13 Rating

'Shark Night 3D' Gets Tagged with a Tame PG-13 Rating

Jun 22, 2011

Shark Night 3D posterIt’s probably not fair to even attempt to compare David Ellis’ Shark Night 3D with Jaws, but the sad reality is that if you make a movie about killer sharks chowing down on humans, it will inevitably be compared with Spielberg’s masterpiece. While no one anticipates a movie with a title like Shark Night 3D will become a modern classic, we love a good shark movie around these parts and hope that Ellis’ film will, at the very least, be better than Deep Blue Sea.

We won’t know if that’s the case until the film swims into theaters on September 2nd, but the Internet is already disappointed with the title’s MPAA rating.

The association, who decides who can see what movies without adult accompaniment, has given Shark Night 3D a PG-13 mark. Apparently, this is what Relativity Media was hoping for since it means the desirable teen demographic can get into a screening without bringing Mom and Dad along. However, hardcore shark flick fans were begging for something a little edgier – something in the R range. After all, a movie about sharks eating people should be bloody, right?

While the PG-13 is a little disappointing, let’s not forget that Jaws was only rated PG. Sure, it was a different time, but Spielberg managed to work blood and gore into his film – and it never once suffered because of the rating.

Instead, the bigger potential hurdle for Shark Night 3D to overcome is the plot – which finds teens partying on an island in the middle of a salt water lake when one of their number is attacked by a large predator. They need to get their friend to a hospital in order to save him, but to do that, they must cross to the other side of the body of water. The catch? Someone has filled it with lots of large, and hungry, sharks. Why would they do this? Your guess is as good as ours.

If nothing else, Ellis has demonstrated he has a knack for making this kind of outlandish material work. The filmmaker is the guy who brought us the uber-hyped Snakes on a Plane – which never became the cult classic many thought it would, but did manage to entertain with its absurd storyline. Hopefully, Shark Night 3D will so the same.

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