Seven Times Evan Rachel Wood's Dubsmash Videos Made Our Day

Seven Times Evan Rachel Wood's Dubsmash Videos Made Our Day

Sep 17, 2015

Do you Dubsmash? Maybe you do, maybe you don't, but you gotta admit the little clips -- in which you can create selfie videos dubbed with famous sounds -- are kinda addicting, and we relish in watching those who've mastered the viral art.

Like actress Evan Rachel Wood, who spoke about becoming the unofficial Dubsmash queen while in Toronto for the premiere of her latest film Into the Forest (pictured above), costarring Ellen Page. (Watch my 15-second review of Into the Forest right here)

Wood told Vanity Fair that she started doing the Dubsmash videos when she had downtime on the set of the upcoming HBO show Westworld, and her obsession with them just spiraled out of control from there -- and now she's hosting Dubsmash parties at her house and throwing a bunch of her videos onto Twitter.

Whenever we see her post one, it makes us smile -- and in the spirit of passing those fun vibes on, here are seven of our favorite Evan Rachel Wood Dubsmash videos.

Warning: Some of these feature foul language and are NSFW

Bad Santa




My Cousin Vinnie






Pulp Fiction





"I Wanna Rock" - Twisted Sister

The Sandlot




Pulp Fiction





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