Seven Minutes of 'Breaking Dawn', 'The Host' Sneak Peek, Plus, Watch Cast Interviews!

Seven Minutes of 'Breaking Dawn', 'The Host' Sneak Peek, Plus, Watch Cast Interviews!

Jul 12, 2012

Twilight fans weren’t disappointed by this year’s Comic Con Hall H experience. The first seven minutes of Breaking Dawn Part 2 were show in addition to another brief scene. The panel didn’t have director Bill Condon, who is in London working on the score with carter Burwell. On the other hand, they made up for it with the largest panel of actors at Comic Con the franchise has seen. Author Stephenie Meyer was on hand with Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and the actors in the Cullen family. At the very end they were joined on stage by almost 25 new vampires that appear in this final installment of the saga.

Breaking Dawn Part 2 picks up right where part one left off.  Bella opens her eyes and she’s now a red-eyed vampire.  From the very first moments of the footage fans know that the series has changed. Bella is no longer a human at the mercy of stronger beings. She can more than hold her own now that she is a full-fledged vampire.

Fans will be happy to know that romance is still alive from the initial moments of the film as the first thing Bella sees when she wakes up is Edward.  Their reunion was already glimpsed in the recent teaser where Edward says, “We’re the same temperature now.”  Their first romantic interlude has a comedic twist as Bella grabs Edward in a passionate embrace. Edward, though enjoying it, is clearly being suffocated and has to ask her to be gentler. It’s now obvious that as a newborn vampire she is stronger than he is. Robert Pattinson plays the moment beautifully with just the right amount of surprise and that Bella can now in fact break him in half if she wants.

Though Bella wants to see Renesmee, Edward tells her that they need to get her thirst under control first and they take off to hunt. As they run through the forest at super-human speed, the sequence is done through Bella’s eyes. It shows the hyper-detailed world that is new to her, but has obviously been an everyday occurrence to the members of the Cullen clan. She can see the outline of every leaf, or the smallest insect on the forest floor.

The moment where all traces of human Bella are gone happens when Bella latches onto a scent to quench her vampire thirst. At first she senses a deer, but then she locks onto a human rock climbing nearby.  Stewart’s performance during this segment can only be described as visceral and animalistic.  She is clearly the deadliest thing in the forest and the only thing that can stop her is her own will power to resist.

Bella does in fact resist her urge to taste human blood much to Edward’s amazement. He’s left befuddled and extremely proud that she resists the human and takes on a mountain lion instead.

The very last things fan see in the seven-minute sequence is Bella’s reunion with Jacob.  She’s surprised to find her old friend so at ease with the vampires. When Bella asks why Jacob is suddenly so concerned with Renesmee’s well-being, there is a wonderful non-verbal moment between Pattinson and Lautner that indicates neither of their characters wants to break the imprinting news to Bella.

Some of the highlights from the question and answer period that followed were Robert Pattinson being asked, “What advice would Breaking Dawn Edward give to Twilight Edward?” Pattison answered without missing a beat, “I don’t know, keep it in your pants!”  The audience laughed uproariously while 11-year-old Mackenzie Foy, who plays Renesmee, looked completely confused. 

Everyone from Stephenie Meyer to Kristen Stewart expressed what a family they all had become working together for the past four years.  Kristen Stewart stated that she never wants to hear the word “bittersweet” again because she still doesn’t want it all to be over.

In a female dominated franchise, one of the most memorable moments was the final question. A male member of the audience got up to thank Taylor Lautner for his inspiration. Apparently Lautner’s onscreen transformation encouraged this individual to work-out himself. He stated that he had lost over 100 pounds due to Lautner’s influence.  This met with huge applause from the audience and panel members.

Just when the audience thought it was all over, Stephenie Meyer came back to the microphone and let everyone know that she brought some footage from The Host, her alien invasion sci-fi film. She described director Andrew Nichol as “a true visionary who sees the world in an entirely different way.” Roughly five minutes of clips from the project were shown featuring Saorise Ronan’s portrayal of the alien Wanderer and her mission to learn about reengage humans.  The action sequences shown made it clear that humans would rather given up their own lives that be taken over by the aliens.

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