Seth Rogen's R-rated mall cop, Arnold in T4 and creepy critters

Seth Rogen's R-rated mall cop, Arnold in T4 and creepy critters

Feb 10, 2009

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    Observe & Report

    Observe & Report He’s Got Big Malls The red band trailer for Seth Rogen’s mall cop movie has everything Paul Blart lacked: indecent exposure, sailor-caliber cursing, puke-soaked sex scenes and all kinds of sick, twisted depravity. In other words, it’s gonna be awesome.
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    Terminator Salvation

    The Terminator Better Than Botox Schwarzenegger might return for the sequel. As in a young Arnold, grafted onto a slew of T-800s with CGI. BTW, the next person who forwards me a link to the Christian Bale rant or one of its many remixes gets a punch in the neck.
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    Fact: Tokyo is the coolest city on Earth. This trailer (featuring three directors, one of whom is Michel Gondry) is completely trippy and utterly surreal, which is to say it’s exactly like Tokyo itself.
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    Descendant of The Godfather This based-on-a-true-story Mafioso movie makes the Sopranos look like a bunch of hippie pacifists. Watch the trailer and cross Naples off your list of vacation destinations.
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    Sex and the City 2

    Cougar Alert It’s official. They’re making a sequel. Ladies, I’ll see you there on opening night.
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    Cate Blanchett Re-Maid Cate Blanchett might replace Sienna Miller as Maid Marian. I will literally watch anything that Cate is in. I even made it through Benjamin Button, thanks in no small part to all the sexy ballerina outfits.
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    Bug Out I have a certain fondness for campy critter movies like Slither. This trailer’s got enough creepy crawlies to make you hold your hands over your face while you watch. Plus, when the things get killed, they explode with white pus. That’s tough to beat.
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    Scott Pilgrim

    Fanboys, Rejoice Best. Comic. Casting. Ever.
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    Push: A Novel by Sapphire

    Keep Your Day Job A makeup-less Mariah Carey is surprisingly not horrible in this clip from the awkwardly titled Sundance indie. Is the “based on” bit really necessary? I mean, nobody’s gonna mistake this for that Dakota Fanning superhero flick.
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    Inglourious Basterds vs. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

    Keep an Eye Out The first trailer for Basterds is rumored to be hitting Thursday on "Entertainment Tonight," which is apparently still a television show. And you could brave theaters filled with chatty, texting teenagers this weekend to catch the Transformers clip in front of Friday the 13th, or you could save your 12 bucks and catch it online the next day.

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