Seth Rogen to Turn the Story of Nintendo vs. Sega into 'The Social Network' for Video Game Fans

Seth Rogen to Turn the Story of Nintendo vs. Sega into 'The Social Network' for Video Game Fans

Feb 24, 2014

Console Wars book coverBack in the 1990s, a war was waged in living rooms and playgrounds across America. One side touted the power of Blast Processing, while the other countered with Mode 7 graphics. Ugly slogans were born (“Sega does what Nintendon’t”), friendships shattered, and an Italian plumber was forced to take on a spunky blue hedgehog (and no, I’m not talking about Ron Jeremy) in a fight for video game supremacy.

It was the great console war – a battle for the hearts and minds of gamers that pitted the juggernaut-like Nintendo against upstart arcade game makers Sega, and nothing less than living room superiority was at stake.

Author Blake Harris has written a thriller-esque recounting of this vicious battle between two Japanese corporations in his upcoming book Console Wars. The tome isn’t due out until this May, but the movie rights have already been snapped up by Scott Rudin and Sony Pictures, with Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg set to write and direct.

The project sounds like it’s right in Rudin’s wheelhouse – a story of a "scrappy upstart" taking on the establishment and all the corporate intrigue that comes with it could very well make a Console Wars movie the third part of an unofficial trilogy, closing out a thematic journey started in Rudin’s earlier projects Moneyball and The Social Network.

Rogen and Goldberg will have no shortage of material to comb through for the adaptation. Harris’ book chronicles the console battle royale by speaking to over 200 folks who were at ground zero and on the frontlines. With the book yet to be published, it’s hard to gauge what kind of dramatic spin the duo can place on the story, but apparently the book will focus primarily on Tom Kalinske – who was president and CEO of Sega from 1990 through 1996, and helped take the company to some of its greatest highs. 

Selling a movie about the video game industry to mainstream America may seem like tough sledding, but Rudin has success at selling baseball financials and Internet start-up culture under his belt already. What’s really interesting about this story is Sony’s acquisition of the film rights – as the Japanese giant finds itself a key player in the modern console wars, squaring off against Microsoft and Nintendo. Will people turn up for a movie about a 20-year-old electronics war? Only time will tell.

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