Sequel/Remake Roundup: Salt 2, Rounders 2, Cherry 2000 and Big Man Japan

Sequel/Remake Roundup: Salt 2, Rounders 2, Cherry 2000 and Big Man Japan

Jun 07, 2011

It would be impossible to actually count how many sequels and remakes Hollywood is pursuing these days.  Sadly, It'd be a less laborious task to try and quantify how many original projects are in the production pipeline.  Will the numbers ever equalize?  One can hope, but with four more sequels/remakes announced this week, it doesn't look like that's happening any time soon.  So for the purposes of efficiency, here's what we know about the latest batch:

Salt 2

Phillip Noyce, director of the original action-packed spy thriller, has said in past interviews that he most likely wouldn't return for a probably inevitable Salt sequel, but it looks like two of the principal creatives are.  Sony is now bringing back screenwriter Kurt Wimmer to write the sequel hinted at by the first film.  Assuming Wimmer's idea is strong enough, Angelina Jolie will then sign on for a second film as Evelyn Salt, which would be her first live-action sequel since Tomb Raider (her holding out is the reason there's been no Wanted sequel).


Rounders 2

Of everything in today's roundup, a sequel to the poker flick Rounders is probably the least likely to happen.  Mainly because The Weinstein Company is constantly talking about digging up old properties and rarely do they actually make good on that talk.  But, every now and then they do, so perhaps Harvey Weinstein's recent comments about the legs Rounders has had on DVD and how it's something he'd like to revisit might be more than just posturing.


Cherry 2000

This is one of those random remake announcements that makes you go, "Really?  That movie?"  That's not a knock on Cherry 2000 - we enjoy post-apoc sci-fi schlock as much as the next guy - it's just such a low-profile title to want to bring back to pop culture.  But, that's what's happening.  However, unlike most remakes, there is an amusing hook here: original star Melanie Griffith wants her own daughter to play her role in the remake.


Big Man Japan

An even bigger "WTF? Really?!?" goes to news that anyone in America wants to remake the Japanese film Big Man Japan.  It's not that the original is a terrible movie, it truly is a wild and unique entry in the giant monster arena (it's also kind of boring, to be honest), it's that Big Man Japan is about as far removed from American culture as possible.  It's totally a commentary on the death of a genre of Japanese film and television that was never anything more than a novelty in the US and that hasn't even been that relevant here for decades.  But that's not stopping Neal H. Moritz's ironically titled Original Film production company from cutting a check to Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi to write a US-based remake.

Just watch the trailer.  Does this look like a movie that should be remade by the guy who produced the Prom Night remake?


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