Sequel Trailer Roundup: 'Inferno,' 'Mechanic: Resurrection' and 'Ouija: Origin of Evil'

Sequel Trailer Roundup: 'Inferno,' 'Mechanic: Resurrection' and 'Ouija: Origin of Evil'

Jun 23, 2016

We've got a big sequel coming out this weekend, so it appears Hollywood thinks it's a good time to release trailers for other upcoming follow-ups. Check out new spots for the next installments of the Da Vinci CodeMechanic, and Ouija below.



Symbologist Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) finally returns to the big screen this fall with the latest Dan Brown adaptation. This time he's joined by future Star Wars icon Felicity Jones in an adventure based around Dante's titular work -- which is apparently not fiction but prophecy! "Dante describes hell and basically creates the modern horror film at the same time," director Ron Howard says of the poet. He also says you don't have to have seen the other Langdon adventures (The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons) in order to enjoy this one. So check it out when it hits theaters on October 28.


Mechanic: Resurrection 

This sequel to the 2011 remake of The Mechanic brings back Jason Statham as hitman Arthur Bishop, who has his own globetrotting adventure in order to save the love of his life (Jessica Alba). This one looks like it's taking some influence from the Mission: Impossible and Fast and Furious stunt spectacles, as there's a lot of thrilling stuff in the first spot. The movie also stars Michelle Yeoh and Tommy Lee Jones, sporting a crazy soul patch, and it closes out the summer movie season, dropping in theaters on August 26. 


Ouija: Origin of Evil

Taking a page out of The Conjuring's book on how to find horror movie success, this prequel is a period piece set in the 1960s. Featuring Herman's Hermits on the soundtrack, it's a fun spot, but there's also plenty of creepy stuff, too. Also, a lead role for E.T.'s Henry Thomas. Fans of Oculus and Hush will be happy to know this one is helmed by their director, the very talented Mike Flanagan. You can see it just in time for Halloween when it drops into theaters on October 21.





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