Sequel Buzz: Huge 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' Rumors, Han Solo Is Back, and a 'MacGruber 2' Update

Sequel Buzz: Huge 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' Rumors, Han Solo Is Back, and a 'MacGruber 2' Update

Aug 29, 2014

Avengers Thor and Cap

There are some simple truths in life – water is wet, the sky is blue and Hollywood loves sequels. Find out what’s happening with the latest installments of some of your favorite franchises in today’s sequel roundup.

We kick things off with some massive, spoilerific rumors about The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

The latest buzz ties into comments Marvel boss Kevin Feige made a while back about the team structure of the Avengers. Feige claimed one of the things he loved about the Avengers as a group was that you could change the team lineup at any time. Now, it looks like those words might have been completely prophetic. If you don’t want to know any potential SPOILERS for the film, turn back now.

Badass Digest claims that the script for the new film eventually concludes with a scene wherein Captain America is building a whole new Avengers team. Why is he doing this? Who are the new team members? No one really knows. The only name we have linked to the new squad is Ms. Marvel, but that’s not even set in stone at this point, it seems.

Given how Marvel loves to introduce characters in these ending and postcredit sequences, it seems likely that Age of Ultron will at least make some attempt to kick off Phase Three – which means we could be seeing Doctor Strange and Ant-Man show up, but we can only guess if that means they’d be part of the team moving into a third Avengers adventure.

The good thing is, this opens the door for lots of speculation. Who would you want to see join The Avengers for a third film?

MacGruber 2 has a script… sort of


Will Forte’s MacGruber wasn’t exactly a hit at the box office, but it has found an appreciative audience on home video – and the actor hopes to bring the character back for a second film at some point in the not-too-distant future.

The first step in making that dream a reality is crafting a screenplay for a second MacGruber adventure, and the actor now says he and director Jorma Taccone have an outline for a brand new feature.

“Jorma [Taccone] just sent an outline for MacGruber 2. We had worked together on something and I had fleshed out the first act of MacGruber 2. He took that and went nuts on the rest of it. I’m very excited because I feel like at some point, if somebody will let us do it, then we’ll do it. But it’s out of our hands. But we’re writing it for sure.”

Studio funding for a second film could be a tough sell, but Collider thinks a Kickstarter campaign might work. Would you kick in a few bucks for more MacGruber?

Harrison Ford is back in action

Han SoloNeither encasement in carbonite nor a broken leg can keep Han Solo down for long it seems.

Actor Harrison Ford made international news when he broke his leg while filming Star Wars: Episode VII earlier this summer, bringing a halt to the production and launching fears that the film might have to shift its release date. Those concerns appear to be unfounded, as the 72-year-old actor has reportedly returned to work and filming is once again underway. Expect to make a return trip to a galaxy far, far away on December 18, 2015.

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