Sequel Round-up: 'Ultron' Won't Have a Post-Credits Scene, 'Tron 3' Brings Back Olivia Wilde, and More

Sequel Round-up: 'Ultron' Won't Have a Post-Credits Scene, 'Tron 3' Brings Back Olivia Wilde, and More

Apr 07, 2015

Age of Ultron Won't Have a Post-Credits Scene

Fans have grown accustomed to waiting around through what seems like miles and miles of credits on a Marvel movie (turns out it takes a lot of people to make those movies) in order to get a post-credits stinger. And those fans who love those extra scenes are going to be severely disappointed by Avengers: Age of Ultron

Joss Whedon has already been telling press that there definitely won't be a post-credits scene on the movie. And he's not being coy either, and trying to set up a surprise. He insists there's nothing there.

Not all is lost, though. There will be a mid-credits scene that pops up after the initial round of animated credits. But while some past Marvel movies have had both mid-credits and post-credits scenes, Age of Ultron will only have the former.


Mallrats 2 Happening Before Clerks 3

Kevin Smith teases projects all of the time, and sometimes those projects don't necessarily happen. It seems like he's been talking about new sequels to Clerks and Mallrats for ages now, with neither of them ever actually moving forward. But that is finally about to change. Smith has confirmed that Mallrats 2 will shoot this summer. And you can kind of count on that proclamation sticking. The reason why, however is a bit of a spoiler.

You've been warned.

Apparently the end of Smith's Mallrats 2 script calls for the destruction of the actual mall. The only practical way to do that is to find a mall that's scheduled for demolition that you can shoot in. And apparently they've found a mall that fits that bill. The only trouble is that the mall is coming down with or without their involvement, so if they want to use it then Mallrats 2 has to film in it this summer.


Tron 3 is Bringing back Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde had been acting for years before 2010, but Tron: Legacy certainly introduced her to mainstream movie audiences. She stole the show as Quorra, the spunky piece of code that helped Garrett Hedlund's Sam Flynn find his way to his dad, Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges). By the time the movie ended, her story seemed to be just as important as Sam's, which is why it was a little odd that Wilde's name wasn't initially in the mix when Tron 3 was announced recently.

Fret not Quorra fans, though. THR has confirmed that Wilde is definitely coming back for Tron 3. That means so far we have the returning principals of Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde, and director Joseph Kosinski.


23 Jump Street Will Actually Acknowledge All of the Sequel Ideas at the End of 22 Jump Street

22 Jump Street ends with one of the best credit sequences of all time. If you haven't seen it, it involves a stream of pitches for a bunch of presumably fake sequels, like 23 Jump Street: Medical School all the way up to 31 Jump Street: Ninja Academy. Apparently they weren't fake sequels, though. Co-writer/director Phil Lord revealed recently

"We've found a way that we love that makes those imagined sequels canonical and yet does something that we haven't told you about yet. The sequels are canon."

That means that all of the stuff that happens in them will somehow be acknowledged in the 23 Jump Street movie that does end up happening. How they pull that off, however, is anyone's guess right now, so we're just going to toss out one potential idea: maybe that Men in Black crossover is actually happening and an alien beams them to all those different stories.





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