September 25th Just Became the Most Insane Day for Blu-ray This Year

September 25th Just Became the Most Insane Day for Blu-ray This Year

Jun 21, 2012

People can crow about the demise of physical media all they want, but I still say give me a disc (preferably a Blu-ray) over a stream any day of the week. And that's why September 25th, 2012 just became the most brutal day of the year. Well, Brutal as far as bank accounts are concerned. As far as Blu-rays go, it's going to be nirvana.

First up we have The Avengers hitting in both 3D and 2D flavors, with the former sporting four discs of superhero goodness. And it will be joined by Marvel's Ten-Disc, Six-Movie Collection, which includes Joss Whedon's film and is currently priced at $153.

Then we also have the Criterion Collection of David Fincher's The Game. This one isn't quite as huge a deal as everything else this date since the movie itself is already on Blu-ray, but the words "Criterion Collection" and "David Fincher" together in the same sentence is always a welcome treat in our eyes (it's only his second film to get the Criterion treatment). Plus, this is a brand new, Fincher-supervised transfer on both the audio and visual fronts and is loaded with extras.

And then of course there is MGM's highly anticipated Bond 50 set, which gathers together all 22 films currently in the 007 franchise on Blu-ray for the first time (many of which will be new to BD and exclusive to this set). It's a massive treatment covering over 40 years of films and will sport over 130 hours of bonus features when all is said and done and currently has a surprisingly value-packed preorder price of $186.95 -- that's less than $8.50 per movie!

But that's not all September 25th is packing. Today Universal announced Alfred Hitchcock: The Masterpiece Collection on Blu-ray; 15 of the director's biggest films, 13 of which are not currently available on Blu-ray. On top of new HD transfers, it'll include over 15-hours of supplemental materials. Of course, most of those will surely be SD ports from past Hitchcock DVD sets, but we're sure the allure of films like The Birds, Shadow of a Doubt, and Rear Window on Blu-ray for the first time will more than make up for any duplicated special features.

As far as we're concerned, those are all must-have purchases. Well, not so much the Marvel box set (we're not rushing to double dip on those movies any time soon), but The Avengers, The Game, 22 Bond Movies, and 15 Hitchcock movies all hitting Blu-ray on the same day is pretty damned awesome in our book. But what say you? Is your wallet trembling at the thought of September 25th?

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