See the World's Coolest Deck of Movie-Related Playing Cards

See the World's Coolest Deck of Movie-Related Playing Cards

Sep 16, 2014


Galleries like Mondo in Austin and Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles thrive because they offer movie and pop-culture lovers an irresistible combination of nostalgia and contemporary art. It’s artwork most people can afford that usually puts a unique spin on much-loved movies (and a few terrible films that people can’t get enough of).

We’ve seen posters and prints of films like Pulp Fiction and The Fifth Element galore, but we haven’t seen those cult movies turned into… playing cards. “Fifty-two cards. Fifty-two of your favorite cult movies. An awesome deck of playing cards for people who love cinema as much as we do,” reads the website for Cult Movie Cards.


After a successful Kickstarter, London-based creative director Paul Willoughby, from firm Human After All, has been illustrating (by hand!) the deck that features 52 characters from well-known films—including The Shining, Thelma and Louise, Scarface and Chinatown. Find out how to pick up your own deck on the company’s official website.








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