See What Your Favorite Bill Murray Movie Reveals About You

See What Your Favorite Bill Murray Movie Reveals About You

Jun 03, 2014


Actors don't get more likable than Bill Murray — the cinematic everyman who will crash your kickball game and read you poetry. What's not to love? We can point to several classic Murray roles and deem them favorites. A new webcomic explores just what it is we adore about those Murraylicious parts, which reflect our personalities more than we realized.

The handy table comes from Toronto artist Steve Patrick Adams. Think of it like a Murray astrological chart for movie nerds. In love with Ghostbusters? Apparently you're not scared of ghosts, but afraid of your own heart. Have a thing for Rushmore? "You have good taste, which overlaps with a good friend's taste. You end up hating each other for it." Sounds about right.

Have fun with this Bill Murray webcomic, and try not to overthink it.

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