See What 3D Glasses Looked Like Back in 1924

See What 3D Glasses Looked Like Back in 1924

Jul 10, 2014

As you prepare to watch the tremendous Dawn of the Planet of the Apes in 3D this weekend with your fancy, modern 3D glasses, here's a fun look back at what those 3D glasses looked like when they first arrived in theaters almost 100 years ago. 

This pair of 3D glasses currently for sale on eBay appears to have been used during a double feature of The Ten Commandments and The Covered Wagon all the way back in June of 1924 at the Rivoli Theatre in New York City, which was one of the first theaters to project 3D. 

That wasn't the first audience to experience 3D, however, as you'd have to back up to 1915 and a series of test reels that were projected to an audience inside New York's Astor Theater. The first completed film to be projected in 3D was The Power of Love (no relation to the Huey Lewis song from Back to the Future), which debuted in Los Angeles in 1922. Though after it was previewed for exhibitors and press, The Power of Love mysteriously vanished and was never heard from again.

Well, that is until this scene...


What was the first 3D movie you ever watched in a theater?




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