See Two Deleted Scenes from 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier'

See Two Deleted Scenes from 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier'

Aug 05, 2014

With the DVD/Blu-ray for Captain America: The Winter Soldier due out on September 9 (and on digital this August 19) , we're beginning to see some of its special features make their way online. Here's a deleted scene from the Marvel Studios movie, in which Robert Redford's Alexander Pierce announces that Captain America has information about Nick Fury's death and has refused to share it, making him a fugitive from S.H.I.E.L.D. That leads to a group of SWAT-like officers storming a gymnasium where they believe a tracking device is leading them straight to Cap. See what happens instead in the video below.

This is one of those scenes where you can understand why it was cut, mainly because they utilize the whole bait-and-switch tactic later on when Black Widow fools the Winter Soldier, and it's a better reveal than this one. It does, however, show us how Cap lost his new uniform, forcing him to steal an older version from the Smithsonian exhibit later on in the movie. 

What do you think of the scene? Should it have stayed in the movie?

UPDATE: Here's another deleted scene below.

[via USA Today]




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