How You Can Watch All Your Favorite Marvel Heroes Together in One Place This Summer

How You Can Watch All Your Favorite Marvel Heroes Together in One Place This Summer

Apr 23, 2014

Marvel Universe Live banner

With Marvel having the international box office on lockdown, the comic giant is looking to expand its influence in an entirely new arena: the live-action performance. The company has teamed up with the folks at Barnum & Bailey and Disney on Ice to create traveling superhero extravaganza Marvel Universe LIVE!, and we’ve got some behind-the-scenes footage to share with you today.


With the tour set to get underway this July, the production has already hired its cast of heroes and villains. The best part? Marvel owns all the rights to its characters in this format, meaning we’ll be able to see Spider-Man and the X-Men alongside the Avengers and other comic icons.


Director Shanda Sawyer outlines the casting process, and talks a bit about the challenges of bringing the Hulk to the stage:

“We did about six months of casting, and we’ve got acrobats, gymnasts, aerialists, motorcycle stunt people, marital artists, Parkour experts — and we really looked for people with the highest degree of skill.

The Hulk is probably the most challenging character to bring to life. Obviously he has to be incredible, and the Hulk is something that has never really been done in a live situation… It’s an original story, but it involves of course all the iconic heroes. It really pays homage to all of the mythos of the Marvel universe, and can combine all of the characters.”

While we don’t get a good look at the Green Goliath in this clip, we do see enough footage to know that Marvel is pulling out all the stops for the show. If you’re looking to catch up with your favorite superheroes outside of a theater this summer, you should probably start looking into booking tickets for Marvel Universe LIVE! now.

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