See How Godzilla's Awesome New Roar Was Created

See How Godzilla's Awesome New Roar Was Created

May 22, 2014


Godzilla stormed the box office last weekend. The reboot of the famous monster movie, which first roared into theaters back in 1954, features a revamped radioactive creature with a brand new roar. The original roar is one of most famous sound effects in the history of cinema. In the ‘50s, the filmmakers attempted to invent Godzilla’s howl by mixing animal sounds together, but it was unsuccessful. Japanese composer Akira Ifukube had the idea to use a musical instrument instead.

The iconic roar was born when a leather glove coated in pine-tar resin was rubbed against the string of a double bass. It took the new team of filmmakers, under director Gareth Edwards’ supervision, to come up with a new roar — which you can learn about in this great video posted by Filmmaker IQ.

Legendary studio Toho gave permission to Edwards and company to use the original roar, which the filmmakers expanded upon. The result can be heard, below. See how movie magic transformed one of film's most iconic sounds in this informative clip.





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