See How Miles Teller "Stretched Himself" In Short Films to Prepare For Movie Stardom

See How Miles Teller "Stretched Himself" In Short Films to Prepare For Movie Stardom

Aug 07, 2015

If you're a big fan of Miles Teller, you'll find he doesn't disappoint in the new Fantastic Four reboot (whether or not you like the rest of the movie). You've probably also already gone through his IMDb page and sought out every movie appearance he's ever made, including his earliest starring roles in short films he did throughout high school and college (see his beginnings here and here).

But there might be one you missed, one he's not credited for on IMDb: Stepsisters.

Actually, there isn't an IMDb listing for the film at all. I learned about the short from the good people at the Stonestreet Studios and Conservatory, where Teller studied and workshopped film acting while a student at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. Some of the shorts that you can find on his IMDb page, including The Track Meet and The Musicians, were made through Stonestreet during his two years with their program.

Watch Stepsisters by clicking on the image below.

Stepsisters was one of his Telller's films there, and it really only features him as an extra. Although he'd been playing the lead in other productions, just booked his first professional TV episode gig and was about to work on his first major movie opposite Nicole Kidman, in Rabbit Hole, he still said yes to everybody back at school.

"Miles would jump at any opportunity to be on set, even the chance to play cameos or supporting roles," Alyssa Bennett, the artistic director of Stonestreet, told me via email. 

"I remember asking him to support his colleagues and, without using the word 'extra,' show up on [this] short film set," Bennett further explained. "Because he had been at Stonestreet for a third or fourth semester by then, I felt beholden to ask the director, Kate Baggott, to choose him as the person who egged on the fight between sisters. Unintentionally, he ended up stealing the scene because he so fully enjoyed playing the moment. As always, he was totally committed, turning anything he did into what felt like a featured role."

As for Teller's big break with Kidman the same year, Bennett indicated that Stonestreet was instrumental in the advancement of his career. Not only did he get his first agent through them, but the immersive program also gives young actors valuable experience working on actual independent film sets and in their movie studio.

But Teller also had the talent to go far and also put in the work, which Bennett says he reveled in. She also, likely making an unintentional pun, told me that he "stretched himself" and took direction well. "He always brought a lot of vulnerability and humor to his work," she added. "While extremely immersed in the moment, he was playful, fun -- a ham when need be -- a joy to have on set. Miles was always game."

He also respects his roots and likes to give back. Just as he was interested in working with anyone in any capacity during his school days, Teller now regularly returns to Stonestreet to at least talk to current students and share his experiences in order to help others follow in his footsteps. 

Below is another one of Teller's shorts from his days at Stonestreet, this time as the lead. And for another one not on his IMDb page, check out While Choking here.

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