See How a Jim Carrey Look-alike Tricked the Czech Oscars

See How a Jim Carrey Look-alike Tricked the Czech Oscars

Feb 24, 2015

Are we sure there were no imposters on stage at the Oscars this year? If there weren't, then Hollywood got off better than the Czech Republic, which had its equivalent of the Academy Awards in Prague this past Saturday. Someone claiming to be comedic actor Jim Carrey took to the stage of the Czech Lion Awards ceremony, and the guy got some quality airtime before producers realized they'd been duped.

One of those producers is Czech filmmaker Jan Sverak, who won a foreign language Oscar for Kolya in 1997 (he was also nominated for The Elementary School and has a Student Academy Award, too). Why is that interesting? Because the real Carrey was a presenter at that ceremony and so maybe Sverak should have known better. 

"We were the victims of an elaborate hoax," he said after the event. “I am very sorry, I apologise. It was not my intention, but I must salute someone’s perfect game in managing to con us.”

Hey, it happens. People look like other people. For a moment, while watching the red carpet on Sunday, I believed Margot Robbie was Emma Stone. The Carrey impersonator, Hari Zinhasovic, does bear some resemblance to the Liar Liar star, though not enough for viewers at home who realized the mistake during close-up shots.

Zinhasovic isn't totally at fault, as it turns out. He claims to have been a pawn in, and victim of, someone else's con, hired for the gig but never paid. It seems he was expecting to be paid about $1,000 by the awards organizers for the appearance. 

This wasn't just some sudden prank, either. The organizers of the ceremony had initially received a call from a person claiming to represent Carrey stating that the actor was in town and would like to appear at the awards. Zinhasovic went through the usual prep and wasn't even found out by Sverak and others until the whole show was over, when the press brought it up. Many attendees also apparently thought the fact that it wasn't actually Carrey was an intentional gag.

Watch the clip of the fake Carrey below and then check out the real Carrey's reaction on Twitter.





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