See the Freaky Troll That's Living Inside Joaquin Phoenix's Forehead

See the Freaky Troll That's Living Inside Joaquin Phoenix's Forehead

Jul 17, 2014

It's like something straight out of a Charlie Kaufman movie. A famous actor--in this case Joaquin Phoenix-- learns that he has a freaky troll secretly living inside his forehead. If such a movie did exist... well, yeah, we'd watch the hell out of it, and then we'd champion all its sequels and reboots. Previously, movies like Idle Hands and The Addams Family have toyed with human limbs taking on a mind of their own, but a troll attached to a man's forehead would definitely stick out as an unusual spin on a familiar concept.

Unfortunately Joaquin Phoenix Has a Troll Stuck Inside His Forehead is not currently a movie in active development, but that may change after this hilarious video. Apparently someone noticed that when you rotate a particular scene from the Joaquin Phoenix movie Her, and then zoom in on the actor's forehead, it appears as if said forehead turns into the creepiest looking troll ever.

Don't believe us? Think this is all just utter nonsense? Watch the video below.

This is a horror movie that needs to happen. It has to! Make it so, Hollywood!

[hat tip to @russfischer]




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