See Four Minutes of 'It' Early in Theaters Next Weekend

See Four Minutes of 'It' Early in Theaters Next Weekend

Aug 04, 2017

If you're seeing The Dark Tower this weekend, you'll be reminded of another Stephen King adaptation out in theaters soon. There's a moment in the movie where The Gunslinger (Idris Elba) and his young companion, Jake (Tom Taylor), walk past the ruins of a theme park and a sign that says "Pennywise," joined by a busted up statue with stone balloons sticking out of the ground. Yes, that's an Easter egg referencing It, another story tied to the same multiverse of The Dark Tower, and heading to theaters next month.

Even if you're not up for this week's new release, there are other ways to be reminded of It. Next weekend, for instance, four minutes of the adaptation can be found in cinemas attached to Annabelle: Creation, according to /Film. That's a good match, considering one movie features an evil clown and the other involves an evil doll. Poor children, all their beloved things are turning into horror movie fodder. If you wonder why the special preview isn't playing with The Dark Tower, it's because that's Sony, while It and the Annabelle prequel are Warner Bros.  

What the four-minute It footage consists of is unknown. We could be treated to an extended scene, or it could just be another trailer, as it's labeled as such. But trailers aren't usually four minutes and 13 seconds, which is the run time for this reel. Some fans hope that it will be the first four minutes of the movie, which depict an iconic scene of Pennywise the clown luring a boy into a storm drain. Or perhaps it will be another scene that will appeal to Annabelle: Creation's audience. 

Aside from the length, the only thing we know about the footage is that the Canadian advisory organization Consumer Protections BC marked the spot as having "several frightening scenes depicting threat, intensity and suspense" and being only suitable for viewers aged 14 and above (the latter matches the rating for Annabelle: Creation up north). So far, the footage seen in trailers and TV spots and by some at Comic-Con has been really great, so whatever this is should be helpful to get more people excited for It.

In the meantime, we've got another one of those TV spots to share. Watch that below and continue to look forward to the terrifying-looking It, which opens September 8.




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