See Disney Classics Get an 8-Bit Video Game Facelift

See Disney Classics Get an 8-Bit Video Game Facelift

Feb 21, 2013

Wreck-It Ralph just arrived in U.K. theaters on February 8. To celebrate Walt Disney's arcade muscleman, magazine Little White Lies asked its readers to reimagine the Disney canon as 8-bit video game start screens. Sure, the 8-bit thing has been done a million and one times, but seeing the Mouse House's best in pixels is our kind of charming and nerdy. Can you tell we like the TRON and Star Wars redesigns the best? Man, that Jeff Bridges looks incredible in a White Russian-stained cardigan and in Nintendo land. 

Visit Design Taxi to see more great gametastic Disney artworks, including: Aladdin, Wall-E, The Great Mouse Detective, Jurassic Park and more. What films are missing from the list? Link us up to your personal submissions if you're a reader who participated in this artsplosion of Disney stuff. We want to love your doodles.

Also, check out this awesome ad Disney made for Fix-It Felix Jr. You can find it and ads for handful of other games created for the world of Wreck-It Ralph on the film's Blu-ray.

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