See Chris Pratt's Amazing First Head Shot

See Chris Pratt's Amazing First Head Shot

Sep 12, 2014

Some actors and actresses would rather hide from their early career choices, chalking it up to inexperience and lack of guidance, but then you have a guy like Chris Pratt who embraces his own retro hilarity by continually posting old pics of himself on Twitter. Soon after Guardians of the Galaxy came out, Pratt posted a pic of the Scooby Doo van he lived out of before moving to Los Angeles, and then more recently he dug up his first head shot... which, as you'll see below, is pretty amazing. Pratt even nicknames himself Douchemaster McChest... and now we totally want to see him play this guy in a movie.


Joke all you want, but it would be this head shot that would help land Pratt his first gig in a short film called Cursed Part 3. Once he got the part, he ditched the van, moved to L.A. and the rest is history. 

Here's an image of Pratt from the set of Cursed Part 3. We say he needs to bring back that badass blond Afro immediately!




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