See Battle: Los Angeles in Theaters for Free When You Buy a Blu-ray

See Battle: Los Angeles in Theaters for Free When You Buy a Blu-ray

Feb 28, 2011

Are you excited by the trailers and posters to see Battle: Los Angeles? The sci-fi action film starring Aaron Eckart and Michelle Rodriguez follows a platoon of marines during a global alien invasion and looks like epic fun. It seems like Battle: Los Angeles will push the summer movie season a little earlier this year, which is fine with us after weeks of hype about Oscar-begging films climaxed with the most flaccid Academy Awards show in history.

Amazon is helping erase the stench of last night's Oscar snorefest with an offer to see Battle: Los Angeles free in theaters. All you have to do is buy one of 24 movies on Blu-ray, including District 9, Ghostbusters, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Resident Evil, The Fifth Element and more. Once your Blu-ray is shipped, Amazon will send you a code so you can print your free ticket to Battle: Los Angeles. Click here to see all the qualifying Blu-rays and other details about the promotion.

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